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in China. Xi Jinping, c●hairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC), together with other senior milita●ry officials, poses for a group photo with seven Chinese military officers wl

ho have● been promoted to the rank of general at a ceremony in Beijing, capital of China, D●ec. 12, 2019. Seven Chinese military officers have been promoted to the rank of gen●eral, the highest rank for officers in active service in China. Xi presented the of●ficers with certificates of order at a ceremon5

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y the CMC held in Beijing on Thursday●. (Xinhua/Li Gang) Xi Jinping, chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC), p●resented the officers with certificates of order at a ceremony held by the CMC in B●eijing on Thursday. The promoted officers are Commander of the Easterq

n Theater Comm●and of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) He Weidong, Political Commissar of the PL●A's Eastern Theater Command He Ping, Political Commissar of the PLA's Southern Thea●ter Command Wang Jianwu, Commander of the PLA's Northern Theater Command Li Qiaomin●g, Commander of the PLA Rocket Force Zhou Yaning, Commander of the PLA Strategic Su●pport Force Li Fengbiao, and head of the PLA's Academy of Military E

  • mber 31 while U.S. forces stationed on the ◆rooft1
  • ops fired tear gas to disperse them. The groups dispersed7
  • after Washington dispatched extra ◆U.S. troops and also threaA
  • tened reprisals against Tehran. Iraq's military said that thL
  • e area was ◆completely secure and the U.S. government said theyr
  • had no plans to evacuate the facility. The de◆monstrations broke oI
  • ut after the U.S. launched airstrikes against the Tehran7
  • -backed Kataib Hezbol◆lah militia group, killing 25 members onc
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